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How Breastfeeding Affirmations Can Supercharge Your Milk Supply.

Mammae Founder and Mother Introducing Breastfeeding Affirmation Ritual Cards
We are thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview where Joelleen Winduss Paye, mum-to-be and Holistic Lactation Consultant from JWP Care, delves into the heart of Mammae's breastfeeding affirmation ritual cards with our Mammae founder Erin Deger, the visionary mind behind this award-winning brand. Join us as Erin unveils the story, purpose, and the profound impact of these cherished cards, shedding light on a transformative practice that is nurturing the spirits and milk supply of mothers worldwide. 

Developed by, clean beauty expert and mother, Mammae Founder Erin Deger describes her signature collection as “an embodiment of everything I believe in; it is holistic, therapeutic, sustainable, and considered.”

From the quintessential east coast of Australia, Mammae has not only solidified its place in maternal care but also secured the prestigious title of 2023 Best Maternity Brand Award Winner by the esteemed Beauty Shortlist Mama and Baby Awards. 

Central to its acclaim is the Bosom Reflections Breastfeeding Affirmations, a testament to the brands deep understanding of motherhoods nuances. Breastfeeding, as remarkable as it is, brings its own ensemble of emotional, mental, and physical intricacies. It's this complex landscape that Erin sought to address with the creation of Mammae’s award-winning Bosom Reflections - Breastfeeding Affirmation Cards.

As modern mothers increasingly search for authentic, innovative and nurturing breastfeeding support, Mammae’s ‘Bosom Reflections’ Affirmation Ritual has emerged as an essential companion. Discover an intimate conversation with Erin as we explore the inspiration and impact of Mammae's highly coveted Bosom Reflections.  

Q) Thank you for joining us, Erin. Let's start from the beginning. Mammae’s Breastfeeding Affirmation Cards have become a sought-after resource for mothers. What inspired you to create this beautiful collection of words?

A) Thank you for having me, Joelleen. My journey into motherhood was truly the catalyst for all of this. The philosophy that underpins Mammae’s Breastfeeding Affirmation Ritual and our entire collection, finds its roots in the trials and tribulations of my own initial breastfeeding experience. Like many new mothers, I encountered a multitude of challenges, particularly the stress and uncertainties associated with nursing. These early adversities left an indelible mark on my experience as a mother, causing me to question both my capability and determination to persevere.

As a first time mum, little did I know in the early weeks, there was a crucial piece of information that was missing; noting the connection between a mother's nervous system and the hormones (oxytocin and prolactin) that are critical to lactation and positive breastfeeding outcomes. Oxytocin is well known as a catalyst for bonding, healing, and feeling the love, all of which forms the essence of what keeps us alive really! When a mother experiences stress and anxiety, it is known to inhibit the secretion of these vital lactation hormones, making it important for her to receive the necessary biological signals to initiate milk production and release. So much so, by understanding and effectively eliciting these hormones, it can make all the difference on a mother's breastfeeding journey.

Learning and understanding the remarkable intelligence of how the maternal breastfeeding body functions and the interconnectedness of how the emotional psyche cultivates such a significant role in this new process, can truly make a profound difference when it comes to those early days and weeks postpartum.

In essence, our body’s stress response has the ability to turn these hormones on or off, so by redirecting mental energy towards positivity and self-assurance through the breastfeeding affirmations, it is my hope that mothers can effectively activate these vital lactation mechanisms. 

The more I researched and channelled how the synergy of mindfulness, breath work, natural ingredients, energetics, hormones and the lactating bosoms function, the more compelled I was to create a ritualistic breastfeeding collection that was harmonious for women, children and the environment - setting a new holistic standard in the care for breastfeeding mothers.

While there are many resources out there, I felt there was a space for something far more personal, something that could resonate on a deeper emotional level with mothers. The breastfeeding affirmation cards serve as an emotional anchor, blending my personal wisdom with universal maternal sentiments inside. I wanted to create something empowering and tangible outside of this digital world we live in and visually appealing to offer support and encouragement when breastfeeding mothers need it most.

While affirmations for pregnancy and birth are prevalent, there seemed to be a glaring void when it came to addressing the unique nuances of breastfeeding. And so, the Bosom Reflections were born, quickly becoming one of our most sought-after baby shower gifts for expecting mums-to-be.  

Breastfeeding Essentials for the postpartum nursing mother

Q) Your brand name Mammae is quite unique. Can you elaborate on its significance?

A) Did you know that Mammae is the Latin word for mammary, which of course, naturally connects with the art of breastfeeding. This choice of name is not merely literal but also metaphorical, serving as an ode to the remarkable complexity of the lactating bosom and its anatomical form and function; the eternal source of life, love and abundance. Honestly, it was quite intuitive. The name just surfaced one day while I was feeding Poppy. When I delved deeper into its meaning and significance, it just clicked. Without hesitation, I registered and moved pretty swiftly to secure its trademark.

Q) How would you recommend mothers integrate these cards into their daily routine?

A) The Breastfeeding Affirmations were designed to effortlessly fit into any mama’s daily routine and self-care rituals. Be it a morning mindfulness practice, a source of positivity before each feeding session, to call upon during times of worry and pain, or even as decorative pieces in a nursing room, each curated card serves as a constant reminder of a mothers innate wisdom, strength and resilience to persevere. Given the increasing search for breastfeeding support by modern mothers, our cards are a unique daily touchpoint of encouragement.

 Postpartum mother nursing baby for Mammae Breastfeeding Affirmation Card Ritual

Q) What sentiments and affirmations can mothers expect to find in this deck of cards?

A) The affirmations you'll find in this deck are not just words by default; they exist as a very personal and heartfelt journey. They began as little handwritten notes, adorning the full-length mirror that stood beside my breastfeeding chair. Every time I nursed Poppy, I intentionally avoided the mindless scrolling on my phone or dwelling on the discomfort and worry. Instead, I immersed my mind in these personalised breastfeeding affirmations, visualising the milk flowing effortlessly, embracing every letdown sensation, and savouring the profound nourishment within each droplet of milk.

To truly encapsulate the multifaceted experience of breastfeeding, which I very much endured, I curated affirmations like "I slow down and breathe, for this season is golden and magic" and "All my baby needs, is already within me". These cards are designed to not just acknowledge but to honour every facet of this vulnerable journey, reminding mothers that they are capable, supported and resilient.


Mama and Baby Award Winner. Mammae Breastfeeding Affirmation Cards - Bosom Reflections

 Q) How do you hope these cards influence the global community of breastfeeding mothers?

A) My deepest hope is that these cards offer solace, empowerment, and a sense of belonging. I want mothers to feel recognised, validated, and reminded of their incredible capability to reach their breastfeeding goals. Beyond this, I aim to heighten awareness about the profound interconnectedness between a mother's emotional well-being and her body's innate ability to nurture and sustain milk production. At its core, it's about realising the profound influence our mental state has on the natural ebb and flow of those vital lactation hormones. We can turn them off or we can turn them on!

As Ina May Gaskin, an iconic author and American Midwife aptly put it, "merely acquiring knowledge on the right equipment is not enough to produce milk. For a mother to successfully produce and release milk, it is crucial that she receives the biological signal that initiates lactation. This is the role of two known lactation hormones that are produced in the body which are subject to an increase or decrease according to a mother’s environment, care and overall mind-body connection to stress."

 Q) While Mammae’s Breastfeeding Affirmation Cards have garnered considerable attention, there's so much more to Mammae. Could you elaborate on the extensive collection designed to assist mothers in their breastfeeding journey?

A) While our Affirmation Cards have resonated deeply with so many, they are certainly just one component of Mammae’s synergistic approach to breastfeeding support. We've pioneered a suite of ritualistic tools and resources tailored to the multifaceted challenges nursing mothers face. This includes in-depth e-guides on topics like mastitis, our revolutionary Bosom Ritual Elixir that combines milk-nourishing properties with anti-inflammatory benefits to support the unique needs of breast tissue, and tailored breast-care wearables for optimal comfort and protection.

 Postpartum mother reading the Mammae Bosom Reflections Breastfeeding Affirmation Cards

Q) With Mammae gaining traction, are there plans to introduce more products?

A) Yes! I’m so glad you asked. As Mammae continues to gain momentum, we are actively working on expanding our product offerings to better serve the diverse needs of breastfeeding mothers and we have recently identified yet another pivotal gap in the market with product research and trials currently well underway! I'm extremely excited for this new product concept to launch as yet another innovative and world first formulation. We also understand that diving into a new product range can be a commitment, both emotionally and financially. So in light of this, we're thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our new multi award-winning 30ml vessels, tailored specifically for those who wish to trial some of our best sellers but prefer a more introductory experience. I think they’re also going to make for a must-have gifting option, particularly for gift registries and baby shower gift ideas.

Perfectly sized, our mini 30ml vessels are not only convenient for sampling our award-winners but also great for on-the-go mothers. Whether you're travelling, heading back to work, looking for a handbag friendly size or simply want a more compact and cost effective solution, these vessels are designed with our wider audience of mama’s in mind. So, if you've been curious about Mammae and yearned to experience the magic within our collection, this is your perfect opportunity.


Breastfeeding Affirmation Cards by Mammae laid out on breastfeeding mothers kitchen table.

 Q) To all the mothers who are currently navigating the depths of breastfeeding and to the mums-to-be eagerly anticipating this incredible journey ahead, Erin, what heartfelt message or invaluable piece of advice would you like to share with our readers?

A) To every mother wading through the depths of breastfeeding and every expectant mum filled with a mix of excitement and apprehension, I'd say this: Trust yourself. Each magical drop of milk, every long wakeful night, every tender moment, and even every challenge is a testament to your love, strength, and resilience. You are enough mama, and you are doing more than enough.

Embrace the journey with all its ebbs and flows, and know that with Mammae and a community of mothers worldwide, you are never alone on this transformative journey. Embrace your instincts without hesitation, and trust them implicitly. Take joy in the small triumphs along the way. Remember, this journey, with all its beauty and complexities, is a dance only you and your baby share. Cherish it.

Thank you to Erin for walking us through the intricacies and realities of the mind-body connection when it comes to the breastfeeding mother/parent. I am a huge believer in the power of affirmations and am so proud to recommend a tool that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also limitless in its potential to create a higher vibration during times of both the challenge and joy that breastfeeding brings. 

©Mammae | Interviewed by Joelleen Winduss Paye from JWP Care for the Mammae & JWP Care Journals. 

Visuals by @ruby_holland for ©Mammae 

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