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$4000 Mothers Day Gifting Edit GIVEAWAY, Presented by Mammae.

Competition Closed Disclaimer:

This competition has now closed, and the lucky winner has been contacted via email. We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated and made this event a success. Stay tuned for future promotions and exciting updates!

Thank you for your continued support. 


Mammae Multi Brand Mothers Day Gift Guide

If there's anyone in the world who deserves to be showered with warmth and appreciation, it's the woman within the mother, and this is your moment to truly express that you care by luxuriating her sense of self with a special gift that she may not think (or even consider) to indulge in for herself. 

At the heart of Mammae, we deeply value and celebrate motherhood in all its beautiful forms. That's why I, Erin, the founder of Mammae, am honoured to introduce you to our exclusive 2024 Mother's Day Gifting Edit and offer one lucky mama the chance to win a wholesome $4000 prize GIVEAWAY! Keep reading for more information on how to enter. 

Inside this thoughtful brand collection is a labour of love, featuring hand-picked pieces from my personal list of coveted Australian beauty, wellness, fashion, jewellery, and lifestyle brands. 

Our Mother's Day Gifting Edit goes beyond a mere list of products; its intention is to celebrate the very essence of the Mammae philosophy. Each unique brand has been thoughtfully chosen to reflect our mother care core values of comfort, functionality, beauty, sustainability and luxury. These beautiful gift ideas are an expression of gratitude designed to bring joy and indulgence to a deserving mother figure in your life.

So, without further ado, we invite you to step into our world of coveted Gifting for this coming Mother's Day, May 12, that's sure to capture her heart. Whether it’s a versatile loungewear set, indulgent organic skincare, personalised fine jewellery, an effervescent scent, modern vessel for the home or the wellness essentials, we've got you covered with our comprehensive guide that will truly make a lasting impression. This special gifting companion has something to suit every style, season, and budget. Finding the perfect gift for the Mother has never looked this good! 


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Mammae goes well beyond the womanly art of breastfeeding and postpartum care. We deeply recognise the importance of emotional well-being for all motherkind; offering a clean, conscious and considered ritual collection that promotes relaxation, mindfulness, and self-care. Whether it's a grounding aromatherapy essence or a luxuriant lymphatic body massage elixir, Mammae encourages mothers to prioritise their own wellbeing and nurture their sense of self amidst the demands of caring for their family. Our multi award-winning products and innovative breast care protocols are setting a new holistic standard in the care of women throughout all seasons of their life.  

Milk Label

I don't know who else needs to hear this but mother's don't really need another bunch of flowers, what she really needs, and what she really wants is a new bra! Milk Label's patented waterproof and leak-proof nursing bra epitomises luxury and functionality for every mother (or modern woman for that matter.) Crafted from premium merino wool, renowned for its unparalleled softness and breathability, this niche bra collection offers a level of comfort that's unmatched. Unlike traditional nursing bras, Milk Label eliminates the discomfort of underwire and clips while providing optimal support, making it ideal for everyday wear. With Milk Label, mothers can indulge in both comfort and style, making it a must-have luxury item for any pregnant, breastfeeding or seasoned mother. 

By Billie

Whether paired with jeans and a tee or layered over a dress, the structured silhouette of the Charlotte Blazer is the ultimate styling must-have for any mother who is looking to effortlessly elevate her look. With its timeless appeal, versatility, and ability to add instant elegance, the By Billie blazer staple is an autumn/winter wardrobe essential that can make any mama feel effortlessly put together, when she may not be feeling it inside. 

In Bed Store

In Bed Store's buttery soft, pre-washed linen invites you to sink into a cloud of comfort, transforming your bed and wearables into a sanctuary of relaxation and tranquillity. A must-have for any mother seeking the ultimate in luxurious comfort and a peaceful sleep.

Mukti Organics

Mukti offers a range of organic skincare products that deliver visible results without compromising on purity or sustainability. Each product is carefully formulated to address specific skin concerns while promoting overall skin health and vitality. From nourishing moisturisers to potent serums and gentle cleansers, Mukti Organic provides everything mum needs to achieve a radiant and glowing complexion, the way nature intended. Treat her skin to the ultimate pampering experience and discover the transformative power of mother nature's finest botanicals.

Marloe Marloe

For any mother who appreciates the simple joys of nature and home, a Marloe Marloe vessel is sure to bring warmth and happiness to her heart. Whether adorning a mantle, gracing a dining table with fresh tulips (my go-to weekly floral arrangement), or accentuating a cosy reading nook, a Marloe Marloe vessel instantly elevates the ambiance of any space.

Fluid Form Pilates

As a mother myself, I understand the importance and the challenges that come with prioritising self-care and nurturing both body and mind. That's why I’ve selected Fluid Form in our Mother's Day Gifting Edit. Whether your mum is a seasoned pilates enthusiast or a newcomer to the practice, Fluid Form offers a transformative experience that promotes strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. Give her the gift of movement and confidence in an environment that’s supportive, and encouraging; in the comfort of her own home. 

Nim The Label

Nim The Label handbags, responsibly made from sustainably sourced EVA material are a game-changer for mothers who value both practicality and style. The compact designs are more than just an accessory; they’re a must-have companion for busy mums who need to carry all their daily essentials while still looking chic and sophisticated. My most loved feature of all is the spacious flat bottom interior and well-thought-out compartments. Nim The Label accommodates all the items that mums need to carry, from diapers and wipes, to drink bottles and toys. I nearly forgot to mention, they’re waterproof too! 

Luv Lou

Step into a brand where classic femininity meets modern sophistication in the domain of sunglasses. Inspired by traditional silhouettes from the past and iconic women who have shaped the fashion history with their ‘cat eye’ elegance, Luv Lou offers a timeless range of eye wear that blends nostalgia with contemporary style. 

Eye of Horus Cosmetics

For busy mothers juggling multiple responsibilities, taking a moment to pamper themselves with Cosmetics can be a nurturing and empowering experience. To me, it's not just about the final look—it's about the process, the self-care ritual that allows mothers to reconnect with themselves, feel empowered, creative and embrace their natural beauty with confidence and grace. Whether it's a subtle touch-up for a busy day or a glamorous look for a child free date night, Eye of Horus Cosmetics empowers mothers to express their individuality, radiate confidence, and feel beautiful and stylish, inside and out.

Carrie Case

The Carrie Case phone hardware is one of those items you soon realise, that you just can't live without! It's a lifesaver for busy mums, offering stylish hands-free convenience and peace of mind. With the phone securely attached to the strap, mums can tackle their daily tasks with ease, whether it's juggling groceries, pushing a pram, or attending to the needs of their little ones. This practical body strap & case solution ensures that the essentials—like the phone for staying connected or capturing precious moments—are always within reach, allowing mums to navigate their busy lives with confidence and efficiency.  

Pinky & Kamal

With Pinky & Kamal, you're not just wearing activewear—you're embodying a lifestyle centred around wellness, sustainability, and mindful living. It's about women feeling good in their skin and making ethical choices that align, all the while looking and feeling confident and stylish. Whether it’s hitting the gym, running errands or simply relaxing at home, Pinky & Kamal garments empower women to move with ease, comfort and flexibility.

Bluebird Co

When curating our gift guide, I knew that Bluebird Co's personalised fine jewellery would be the perfect addition. From delicate necklaces adorned with initials to elegant bracelets engraved with meaningful words, the Bluebird Co's collection adds a touch of luxury and sentimentality to this special gift-giving occasion, creating timeless heirlooms that will be treasured by families for years to come.

Three Warriors

As a busy mum, finding time for self-care can often feel like an unattainable form of luxury. But that's where Three Warriors Gradual Tan comes in—an essential companion for those moments when you need a quick pick-me-up holiday glow without the hassle or damaging effects of the sun. Unlike conventional fake tans, the Three Warriors tanning isn't just a bronzing solution; it's a hybrid infusion of hydration with a natural golden glow enhancer. Infused with a delicate scent of lime and vanilla, this organic and pregnancy safe formulation leaves behind no trace of that typical fake tan odour.

Foraged For You

Crafted with the specific needs of mothers in mind, The Mothers Blend from Foraged For You is a nutritional powerhouse. Its meticulously selected ingredients offer essential nutrients and probiotics, providing comprehensive support for overall health and well-being during the demanding phases of pregnancy, breastfeeding and motherhood. The Mothers Blend is crafted using only pure, all-natural, non-GMO ingredients. With each sip, mum's can be assured that their indulging in the goodness of nature; making it a thoughtful and wholesome gift for any health conscious mother.

Mother SPF

I’ve chosen Mother SPF because they're truly leading the way in revolutionising the sun care industry. With their dedication to clean, mineral-based SPF formulations, Mother SPF is not only setting a new standard for sun protection but also inspiring a shift towards more sustainable and environmentally-conscious beauty practices. Growing up on the sun-drenched shores of Australia's east coast, I've witnessed firsthand the powerful and often harsh effects of our sun. By harnessing the power of natural ingredients and innovative formulations, Mother SPF not only provides reliable protection against harmful UV rays but also prioritises the health of our skin and the well-being of our planet. As a seasoned expert in the natural beauty industry, I'm proud to endorse Mother SPF for their commitment to creating safer, more sustainable sun protection solutions.

Proudly presented by Mammae, discover our thoughtfully curated Mother's Day Gifting Edit Giveaway, where one lucky mama will have the chance to win a $250 Digital Gift Card to spend across each of our founders most loved and coveted Australian beauty, wellness, fashion & lifestyle brands. 









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