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In Focus Rapid Fire Q&A with Mama Muse, Rebecca Taylor.

Mammae x Rebecca Brooke Taylor

We are delighted to bring you a relaxed rapid fire Q&A conversation with the beautiful Rebecca Taylor, a wondrous mum of three. With her hands full, heart full, and certainly her day full, Rebecca still finds the time to reflect on her journey of motherhood and shares some invaluable insights with us.

Rebecca's transformation into motherhood has given her a profound appreciation for the strength of women and helped her align her values with an even greater sense of purpose and integrity. She reminds us that motherhood is not just about raising children, but also about rediscovering ourselves, our strengths, and our limits.

With a cup of her Mammae Nursing Tea by her side, Rebecca shares some of her favourite Mammae products that have positively impacted her breastfeeding journey and become her luxury little reminders to prioritise self-nurturing amidst her busy schedule.

Q. How has becoming a mother changed your perspective on life? 

Becoming a mother has gifted me an immense appreciation and deep respect for women. It’s given me a purpose to slow down, focus on my inner world and align my values in life with higher integrity. 

Q. How do you manage to find time for yourself amidst all the demands of motherhood?

Accepting that moments for myself can look like sitting in the car having a coffee while my little one naps. Scheduling ahead each week and carving out little rituals that bring joy into my every day. 

Q. What has been the most challenging part of being a new mum with 2 little ones on-the-go? 

The most challenging part is splitting my attention between three and feeling like I could always give each of them more.

Q. Do you have any tips for new mums on getting enough rest and sleep?

Regulate your nervous system and focus on wholesome nutrition. If those two elements are balanced, you should be able to handle the reality of sleep deprivation a little easier. Remember, taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your baby. Prioritise your rest and sleep as much as you can. Avoid looking at the clock & remember, this is temporary. 

Q. How do you manage to maintain a sense of identity outside of being a mum?

Embrace your new sense of self. Create even just the small moments for things you love and take the time to connect with other mamas - try not to isolate yourself. Oh, and about that romance, go on a solo date here and there, you won't regret making time for it. I guarantee you'll have some fun and be reminded of the love that created your beautiful new life. 

Q. What advice do you have for mums struggling with breastfeeding challenges?

Remember to nurture yourself. Be compassionate with yourself. Seek support from a lactation consultant and other mothers who have overcome breastfeeding challenges, because like you say Erin, "another mums story can be your saviour."

Q. What are some of the ways you ensure you're staying healthy and well-nourished while breastfeeding?

Staying extremely hydrated, eating lots of nourishing meals and of course, the Mammae Bosom Ritual Infusion Nursing Tea before bedtime. 

Q. How do you handle any negative comments or unsolicited advice about breastfeeding?

For me this would come down to appreciating the other persons model of the world and remembering my own values and virtues.

Q. Can you share any experiences or tips on breastfeeding in public, confidently?

Tune into yourself and your baby. Allow the world outside to melt away. Come back to your breath. You are doing the work of nature and you are made for this. 

Q. Can you share which Mammae products have been your absolute lifesavers and how they have positively impacted your breastfeeding journey?

Using the Ode Form Botanical Mist is a way that I come back to myself each and every day. The Bosom Ritual Elixir is my weekly breast-care ritual and as mentioned above, drinking the Bosom Ritual Infusion Nursing Tea of an evening before bed. The Mammae products have been my little luxury reminders to prioritise and nurture myself, more than ever before. 

Mammae Ode Form Botanical Mist


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