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The Potent Influence of Postpartum Perspective with Coco Brown

Mammae x Coco Brown Postpartum Perspective

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Mammae is pioneering a new age of motherhood. 

We're looking beyond superficial norms and discarding the 'perfect' postpartum narrative. Instead, we embrace and celebrate every shade of motherhood.

At the core of our philosophy lies authenticity and the potent influence of perspective – elements we deem essential for flourishing during motherhood. 

In the swirling vortex of modern motherhood, where Instagram perfection often overshadows real-life challenges, there emerges a guiding light - Introducing Coco Brown. With authenticity as her compass, Coco charts a course through the turbulent waters of postpartum life, illuminating a path that celebrates resilience, vulnerability, and the transformative power of perspective.

In our exploration of postpartum wellness, we've journeyed alongside Coco, an inspiring muse that illuminates the world of modern motherhood. Coco's vision goes beyond the conventional narrative of physical recovery; she urges us to look deeper, to embrace a holistic approach that embodies mental and emotional well-being.

Coco's perspective, rooted in the belief that our outlook shapes our experiences, serves as a guiding compass for mothers navigating the complexities of postpartum life. In our candid conversation, we together fostered the belief that 'perspective can counterbalance the nervous system' in so many positive ways. In essence, it brings a fresh lens to challenges that often appear overwhelming in the moment. 

From viewing nighttime wakings as bonding moments to recognising the transformational power of breastfeeding challenges, Coco's insights resonate as potent tools for cultivating resilience and positivity. Her journey, accompanying with the Mammae philosophy, emphasises the significance of self-awareness and the transformative power of mindful breastfeeding rituals.

Moreover, the scientific foundation supporting mindfulness in postpartum care adds credence to Coco's wisdom. Research highlights the benefits of mindfulness in emotional regulation, reduced depression and anxiety symptoms, improved parent-child bonding, stress reduction, and even physical recovery.

Join us, as we discover this heartfelt conversation that dives deep into the intersection of postpartum, perspective, and the power of the mind-body connection.


Mammae x Coco Brown Journal


“The words we use wield significant power. When I jest about the trials of motherhood, the loss of personal freedom, or playfully label our little ones as 'monsters', I inadvertently shift my focus from the myriad joys to the sporadic challenges. Even if unintentionally, this self talk fosters a negative energy, pulling me into a subdued state of mind."

— Coco Brown


A Fresh Perspective on Postpartum

At the heart of Coco's ethos is a revolutionary approach to postpartum health. While mothers and caregivers have largely focused on physical recovery, Coco stresses the paramount importance of holistic health, emphasising mental and emotional well-being as the pillars to postpartum recovery. Her insights revolve around a simple, yet profound truth: perspective can counterbalance the nervous system.

As Coco explains, "When we talk about postpartum, the focus often narrows down to our physical recovery after birth. But the body and mind are intricately linked." The way a mother perceives her challenges, from sleepless nights to juggling responsibilities, can dictate her physical and emotional response. Viewing nighttime wakings as bonding opportunities instead of challenging disturbances, for instance, can make a world of difference to a mother's well-being.

Breastfeeding too falls into this conversation, a nuanced dance of physical action and emotional connection. For many new mothers, breastfeeding can be fraught with countless challenges, from latching difficulties, pain and discomfort, to concerns about milk supply. Instead of internalising the pain as a sign of inadequacy, she can see it as a phase of adjustment, a testament to her resilience and commitment to her child.

Recognising that both mother and baby are on a joint journey of discovery and connection can create a more positive internal narrative.

However, as Coco emphasises, it's not just about the act itself, but the mindset surrounding it. While addressing the physical causes is vital, how a mother perceives this experience plays a significant role in her overall breastfeeding journey.

Furthermore, concerns about milk supply often plague new mothers. However, rather than viewing this through a lens of anxiety, mama’s can perceive it as an opportunity to tune into the body and the baby's needs, seeking support and guidance along the way. 

A testament to the power of mindset is Coco's personal experience with our 'Bosom Reflections, the Breastfeeding Affirmation Ritual. "This considered ritual is more than just words; these affirmations are powerful mantras that anchor my mind and spirit, particularly during those challenging moments of self-doubt or exhaustion. Every time I voiced an affirmation, I was not only reaffirming my commitment to nourish my child but also reminding myself of my strength, resilience, and the innate wisdom of my body. This deck of cards became my daily dose of self-compassion and empowerment. They nurtured my belief in the profound bond I was forging with my baby and gave me the confidence to trust my instincts. For any mother on the breastfeeding journey, I cannot emphasise enough how transformative and supportive this affirmation ritual can be."

Mammae recognises the societal weight around 'successful' breastfeeding. Yet, in Coco's words, "Success isn't just about volume of milk or the perfect latch. It's about those irreplaceable moments of intimacy, sustenance, and unconditional love shared." At Mammae, the aim is to guide mothers beyond conforming to societal metrics and towards an expansive journey defined by personal growth and connection.

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Cultivating the Right Mindset

Cultivating a positive perspective, especially amidst the rollercoaster of emotions, exhaustion, and hormonal fluctuations in motherhood, is undeniably challenging. Yet, Coco believes the key lies in honing self-awareness. Being vigilant about recognising the drift of one's thoughts towards negativity, and then actively recalibrating them, can be immensely beneficial for the nervous system and seeking the joy and ease of motherhood. 

To Coco, motherhood is not just a phase but a sacred journey. She eloquently expresses, “Motherhood is a cherished gift, the epitome of sacred tasks. It not only nurtures life but fosters growth within us. It's as much a mirror reflecting our strengths and vulnerabilities as it is a path to healing and recovery.”

She emphasises the incredible influence of our words and narratives. “The words we use wield significant power,” she notes. "When I jest about the trials of motherhood, the loss of personal freedom, or playfully label our little ones as 'monsters', I inadvertently shift my focus from the myriad joys to the sporadic challenges. Even if unintentionally, this fosters a negative energy, pulling me into a subdued state of mind."

As an actionable step, we propose a challenge to our loyal readers: Next time you’re on the verge of uttering something negative about motherhood, your children, or even your daily life, pause. Engage in a week-long mindfulness exercise. Convert that fleeting negative thought into a positive affirmation. Join us in this mindful practice, and at the end of the week, reflect on your experiences and reflections.

Adopting this conscious perspective is not just a temporary remedy for postpartum blues. It creates ripples of positivity throughout life. A harmonious nervous system translates into restful sleep, uplifted moods, and an all encompassing boost to our well-being.

 Mammae x Coco Brown Breastfeeding

Empowering the Modern Mother

Coco's final message to all mothers, especially those navigating the new and unfamiliar terrain of motherhood, is one of solidarity and strength. "Seek help when you need it mama, find your tribe, express your most vulnerable self and remember that your perspective is a potent tool throughout this new chapter in your life.. Use it wisely."

In a world often saturated with unattainable standards, Coco’s voice stands out, resonating with truth, empathy, and wisdom. Through her contributions to our Mammae Motherhood, she offers not just guidance, but hope, ensuring that no mother feels alone in her journey.

Mammae x Coco Brown Postpartum Perspective Journal

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Author | Erin Deger, Founder Mammae

Contributor | Coco Brown, Mama Muse

Visuals | Coco Brown for ©Mammae


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