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Deciding If Lymphatic Breast Massage Is Right For You?


Lymphatic Breast Massage with Mammae

Your breast health is an integral part of your pregnancy and postpartum experience, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. While there is a plethora of information available on caring for your body during pregnancy, one area often overshadowed is the crucial aspect of breast and lactation health.

Throughout this transformative journey, your breasts will undergo remarkable changes in preparation for nourishing and sustaining your little one. During pregnancy, your body experiences significant hormonal fluctuations, leading to an increase in blood flow, and the enlargement of milk ducts and mammary glands. These changes may result in tenderness, swelling, and discomfort in your breasts. Thereafter, as you evolve into the postpartum period, your body transitions into the phase of breast milk production, potentially causing engorgement and discomfort and blockages when your milk comes in. Understanding and managing these common changes is pivotal to your breast health and overall well-being.

In this concise guide, we'll provide some considerations and valuable insights to help you comprehend the intricate dynamics of your changing breasts, and decide if Lymphatic Breast Massage is right for you. 


If you are experiencing low milk supply or want to increase the nutrient content of your milk.

  • The production of breast milk is a complex interplay of hormones, blood flow, and physical stimulation. An insufficient milk supply can often be linked to factors like inadequate glandular tissue, hormonal imbalances, or suboptimal blood flow to the breasts. 
  • By promoting better blood flow, lymphatic breast massage ensures that the breasts receive adequate nutrients and oxygen. This not only affects the volume of the milk but also its nutrient quality, ensuring that the milk is rich in essential fats, proteins, and antibodies beneficial for the baby.
  • It promotes blood flow to the breasts, which can enhance milk supply and ensure your baby is receiving the necessary nutrients for their growth and development.

If you are experiencing or are concerned about inflammatory mastitis

  • Lymphatic breast massage serves as a non-invasive technique to counter the symptoms of mastitis. The specific movements involved in the massage aid in the drainage of accumulated fluids, which can be beneficial in mitigating pain and swelling.
  • Through improving lymphatic flow, the massage can help to alleviate the tenderness and discomfort commonly associated with mastitis. The enhanced circulation also aids in the rapid delivery of immune cells to the affected region, potentially speeding up the healing process.
  • Consistent daily lymphatic breast massage can help in the early detection of blockages and stagnant lymphatic fluid. By addressing these issues promptly, you can reduce the risk of recurrent mastitis episodes.
  • Beyond the immediate benefits for mastitis, lymphatic breast massage cultivates a healthier breast environment. Regular massages can ensure optimal lymph flow, reduce inflammation, and maintain the overall health of the breast tissue, making it less susceptible to recurring infections and inflammation like mastitis.

 If you are pumping or planning to pump

  • Lymphatic breast massage can aid in more efficient milk expression by stimulating milk let-down and improving milk flow.
  • By incorporating lymphatic breast massage into your pumping routine, you can optimise milk removal and potentially increase the amount of milk you are able to express.
  • Lymphatic breast massage can also play a significant role in improving the fat content of your breast milk, which provides important nutrients for your baby's health and development.

 If you are a mother-to-be and want to prepare for your postpartum journey

  • Lymphatic breast massage can help improve milk production and flow, reduce breast engorgement which is particularly prevalent in the early days and weeks postpartum, and alleviate discomfort during breastfeeding.
  • It aids in the removal of toxins and waste products from breast tissue, promoting a healthy breastfeeding experience.

If you are experiencing breast engorgement and blockages (ductal narrowing) due to inflammation

  • Sometimes, the breast might feel full but not effectively release milk. Lymphatic massage aids in alleviating any blockages from ductal narrowing or congestion, ensuring a smooth milk flow during breastfeeding or pumping.
  • The soothing strokes of this gentle yet effective massage can assist in easing inflammation and discomfort, paving the way for a more comfortable breastfeeding or pumping experience.

If you are seeking effective and holistic ways to increase oxytocin

  • When it comes to breast massage, it’s all in the touch. The gentle, rhythmic nature of the massage can induce relaxation and reduce stress, factors that contribute to increased oxytocin levels and an overall sense of well-being. 

  • While pain can block the production of oxytocin, lymphatic breast massage works to increases the release of prolactin. This is the hormone that signals to the body to increase milk production. 

  • Lymphatic breast massage serves as a holistic approach to stimulate milk production. By manually enhancing lymphatic flow, the massage helps in removing toxins and ensures that the mammary glands are functioning at their optimal capacity.

 If you are navigating hormonal fluctuations and associated breast discomfort

  • Lymphatic breast massage can be beneficial in alleviating the pain and tenderness linked to hormonal changes throughout the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or menopause.

  • By promoting better lymphatic flow, it can help in easing the swelling and discomfort that often accompanies hormonal shifts in the body.

  • The rhythmic movements of the massage can foster relaxation, potentially mitigating stress-induced hormonal imbalances and their impact on breast health.

If you are a breast cancer survivor seeking post-treatment rejuvenation

  •  Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) can be an instrumental therapy for women who have undergone breast cancer surgeries, helping to reduce and soften the appearance of scars and surgical adhesions.
  •  MLD facilitates the healing process by improving circulation in post-surgical areas, which can aid in the natural regeneration of skin tissue and minimise scar formation.
  •  Beyond the physical benefits, incorporating MLD into post-cancer self-care can offer emotional relief, providing survivors with a therapeutic touch that fosters a sense of well-being and empowerment over their healing journey. 

When should you seek medical assistance?

Throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period, it's crucial to remain vigilant for any unusual changes in your breast health. If you observe persistent pain, redness, discover lumps, or experience discharge, it's imperative to promptly seek professional medical attention. These symptoms may indicate underlying issues such as bacterial mastitis or other breast-related concerns that necessitate timely treatment and care.


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