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The Bosom Ritual™ Protocol. Your Step-by-Step Lymphatic Breast Massage Sequence.


 Step into a World of Unparalleled Breast Care with Mammae.

The Mammae Bosom Ritual™ Protocol is an effective, safe and effortless sequence of manual lymphatic drainage massage techniques specifically designed to nurture inner and outer breast wellness, support optimal lactation health and encourage daily self-breast examinations.

By combining traditional knowledge with modern research, Mammae offers a holistic approach to breast care that not only addresses immediate breastfeeding concerns but also fosters a proactive approach to long-term breast wellness.

At Mammae, our goal is to empower all womankind with resources and techniques that nurture their well-being, ensuring a smoother breastfeeding journey, positive breastfeeding outcomes and enhanced breast vitality.

We hold the belief that every woman, regardless of the season of life she's in, deserves to harness the myriad benefits of this time-honoured practice. Integrating the therapeutic and ritualistic art of lymphatic massage into your daily routine has the potential to be truly transformative. By nurturing a functional lymphatic system, this will ensure that toxins are regularly expelled, ducts remain free of obstructions, and there's minimal accumulation, ensuring overall breast health.

In collaboration with our resident Lymphatic Practitioner, Sophie Dulac, and drawing insights from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Clinical Protocol 36 - The Mastitis Spectrum, Revised 2022, our mission is to guide all womankind with a precise and safe approach to promote optimal breast and lactation health. We strongly believe this can be achieved and starts by efficiently mitigating inflammation in the breast tissue.

Leveraging the gentle touch of ones hands paired with the therapeutic properties of our multi award-winning Bosom Ritual Elixir - a specialised Herbal Infused Breast Massage Oil, Mammae guides mothers towards priming the breast tissue and effectively facilitating the mobility of stagnant lymph fluid both within and without an inflammatory environment. This infusion may not only relieve breast pain but may also address prevalent symptoms tied to conditions such as mastitis, engorgement, and low milk-supply that can hinder continued breastfeeding.

With this foundation, we invite you into our comprehensive step-by-step, lymphatic breast massage protocol. Delve into our world of holistic breast-care and allow us to guide you in transforming your breastfeeding journey and self-care rituals into an enriching and nurturing experience.


Specifically prepared for nursing mothers and all womankind.

Lymphatic massage, distinct from other massage techniques, is particularly gentle and precise. The lymphatic system is located just beneath the skin's surface, so it doesn't require deep or forceful manipulation. Here's a more detailed approach to achieving the right pressure before commencing your sequence.

Feather-Light Touch: Begin the massage with a very light touch, almost like you're skimming the surface of your skin. This helps stimulate the superficial lymph vessels.

Flat Hands: Instead of using just your fingertips, ensure your hands are flat. This distributes the pressure evenly and avoids inadvertent prodding that could be harmful.

Slow and Rhythmic Movements: Lymphatic massage is not about the force of the movement but the rhythm and consistency. Ensure your movements are slow, steady, and methodical.

Feedback: Pay attention to your body's intuitive feedback. If you feel pain, tenderness, or see signs of bruising, it's a clear indication you're applying too much pressure.

Consistency Over Force: For effective lymphatic drainage, it's more about consistent, regular massages than the amount of pressure applied in one session. Remember, the goal is to gently coax the lymph fluid to move, not force it.

In essence, envision lymphatic massage as a gentle coaxing process, delicately guiding lymphatic fluid in the right direction, rather than engaging in deep tissue manipulation. Picture it like coaxing water through a flexible tube; it's about subtle guidance. When uncertain, err on the side of gentleness. Being too gentle is preferable to applying excessive force when dealing with the delicate lymphatic system.

For optimal results, we recommend dedicating 30 minutes daily to your lymphatic breast massage ritual. To seamlessly integrate this into your routine, particularly as a busy mother, consider breaking it down into three 10-minute intervals throughout the day. This approach ensures flexibility while still unlocking the full potential of its benefits. 


Action: Mark the beginning of the Bosom Ritual Sequence with the Ode Form Botanical Mist.

Instruction: Gently swirl to activate the herbal infusion. Mist a generous veil, enveloping both the body and space. Focus on your intention, ground your senses, and take three deep breaths.


Action: Apply the Bosom Ritual Elixir.

Instruction: Apply a generous veil of the Bosom Ritual Elixir, using gentle sweeping motions to prime and nourish the breast tissue.



  • Raise the left arm and using the right hand gently pump to activate the axillary (armpit) nodes using rhythmic undulating motions with the whole hand.
  • Position the fingertips inside the armpit, cradle the lower bosom. Continue the pumping motion.
  • Ground the heel of the hand on the sternum, directing fingertips outward towards the shoulder. Maintain the motion.

Repetition: Repeat 10-30 times at each location.



  • Using a 'rainbow' hand motion, initiate from the centre of the sternum (chest bone), sweeping gently towards the axillary nodes. 
  • Finish by using a 'horseshoe' or “J” motion, beginning at the sternum's centre, sweep below the breast and upwards towards the axillary nodes. Add a gentle fingertip pump at the motion's end.

Repetition: Repeat 10-30 times at each location.


Action: Execute a gentle upward sweep along the side body.

Instruction: Begin at the lower rib cage or mid-waist point. Apply long upward strokes towards the axillary using the whole hand.

Repetition: Repeat 5-10 times.


Action: Pump the lymph nodes.


  • Position a flat hand just below the collarbone. Apply a rhythmic pumping motion.
  • Lower the arm, position the fingertips inside the armpit, and cradle the lower bosom. Continue the pumping motion.
  •  Raise the left arm and using the right hand gently pump to activate the axillary nodes using the whole hand. Maintain the motion.

This 3 step pumping technique not only creates a vacuum to draw out fluid but also stimulates the lymph nodes, enhancing the production of white blood cells, which are essential for eliminating waste and toxins.

Repetition: Repeat 10-30 times at each location.


Action: Address blockages. 

Instruction: Exclusive to nursing mothers, apply gentle yet vigorous circular motions, subtly jiggling the bosom near the blockage. If discomfort arises from a blockage, manoeuvre your fingertips around its perimeter rather than directly over it. 

IMPORTANT: Immediately after this motion, it's crucial to proceed with the following Step 8. This next sequence ensures the proper drainage of fluids and toxins. Please do not skip or delay.


Action: Alternate the Rainbow and Horseshoe motions from Step 2.

Instruction: To ensure all fluid is directed back toward the nodes after activating the circulation, apply an alternating rainbow and horseshoe sweeping motion over the lymph nodes. Add a gentle fingertip pump at the motions end. This action will aid in draining the lymph fluid and help to clear any lingering stagnation or blockage.

Repetition: Repeat 10-30 times.


Action: Offer Healing and Protection to Nursing Nipples.

Instruction: Specific for nursing mothers, sparingly apply the Bosom Ritual Balm to the nipple for enhanced healing and protection between feeds. For the best breastfeeding experience and optimal latch, always wipe off any residual balm prior to feeding again. This will prevent your baby's mouth from sliding on the skin.


Action: Conclude the Bosom Ritual Sequence.

Instruction: As you initiated, enjoy the Ode Form Botanical Mist once again to mark the end of your ritual. Inhale and exhale, allowing yourself to become fully present and connected to your body.

 mammae bosom ritual breast care product collection for breastfeeding mothersBosom Ritual Protocol Disclaimer

Self-breast massage using the Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) technique is intended to support lactating women by promoting the natural drainage of lymph and aiding in the relief of potential breast discomfort. As you consider this Bosom Ritual Protocol, it's crucial to be informed about potential side effects and individual responses. This disclaimer is intended to ensure lactating mothers are well-informed and can make safe decisions regarding MLD self-breast massage. Your health and your baby's wellbeing are of paramount importance.

Possible Side Effects: Lactating mothers may experience temporary symptoms such as localised tenderness, fatigue, or mild emotional shifts as toxins are processed and eliminated. While these reactions are typically transient, it's crucial to monitor them.

Varied Response Time: The benefits of MLD breast massage can manifest differently among individuals. Some mothers may experience immediate relief, while others might notice the benefits more gradually.

 Medical Consultation: If you have a medical condition, are pregnant, experiencing mastitis, or are on medications, always consult with your healthcare provider before undergoing MLD breast massage. Certain conditions may be contraindicated or necessitate special precautions.

Trust Your Body's Innate Wisdom: It's essential to listen to your body's signals. While professional guidance is invaluable, your body has an inherent wisdom. If something doesn't feel right, trust your intuition and seek advice or pause the technique.

Not a Substitute for Medical Treatment: MLD breast massage is an adjunctive care technique and should not replace professional medical advice or treatment. Always follow your healthcare provider's advice and report any unusual symptoms or discomfort immediately.

Regular Management: Consistent sessions may be suggested, especially if you're prone to breast discomfort or engorgement. However, balance professional advice with intuitive care, recognizing when your body may need a break or additional support.

Copyright © Mammae The Embodied Mother Pty Ltd 2022. All rights reserved. 

 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We are delighted to present this protocol, the culmination of collaborative efforts and shared contributions from our dedicated practitioner team. Each member has played an essential role in shaping this comprehensive guide for the effective management of mastitis, engorgement, blocked ducts, lactation and breast health awareness. Together, we have integrated our expertise, research, experience and insights to offer ancient anecdotal and modern evidence-based recommendations. We would like to extend a special mention to Sophie Dulac, whose meticulous preparation of the lymphatic massage sequence has been an invaluable addition to this protocol. This long awaited release stands as a testament to our collective commitment to improving the well-being and breastfeeding experience for all womankind.  Author | Erin Deger Contributor | Sophie Dulac | @form_bysophiedulac |


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